Air conditioning / Air conditioner

We perform domestic air conditioning, Semi-industrial e Industrial.

Air conditioners incorporate the latest technology, resulting in higher yields, and a remarkable energy saving.

Proper installation is essential for maximum performance with minimum consumption, why air conditioners are installed by professionals only.

Compact and stylized dimensions of our models make them the perfect choice for use both at home and in any other environment, easily adapted to any decor.

The new air conditioners maintain the selected temperature, regardless of variations

outside temperature. Winter cold and summer heat remain outside; we only select the temperature at the climate we live and does the rest.

We are committed to show the products and solutions that improve their quality of life.

Our exceptional range of products and brands precede us:

Split Pared: adapted solution to any room.

Multisplit: perfect solution for 2, 3, 4 O 5 bedrooms.


Roof-floor: single unit that is installed on the ceiling or floor.

I aire_acond_techo_suelo

Cassette: Ceiling unit, ideal for shops or offices.


ducts: ductwork installation in the false ceiling, perfect for absolute discretion.


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